I was considering selling my house on my own recently.  I thought it wouldn’t be difficult since it was only one year old with absolutely nothing wrong and in an awesome neighborhood.  So, I did some research.  I was so disappointed when I realized I didn’t have the time or patience to do what it was going to take to sell my home (legal documents, credit qualifications, showings, advertising, inspections…).  I figured I wouldn’t be able to afford a realtor and I was so bummed out.  A friend recommended Stephanie and she was awesome!  When I first called her I was surprised that she answered and not a secretary.  Yes, I had her cell phone number.  This proved to be great because I was able to get ahold of her at any time, if not by phone then by text.  She was always timely in her responses.  If she couldn’t talk at that exact moment (which was not often), she gave me a courtesy text to let me know she’d get back to me soon.    This was one of my favorite things about Stephanie. Stephanie had a professional photographer come over and take pictures and a video tour.  These pictures were fantastic! I believe they helped tremendously in selling my home. Another point to mention is that she offered a few different scenarios on how I could get the most for my money.  She is very creative and knows that the seller and the buyer both have to be happy with the deal. In the end, Stephanie had my house sold in about two weeks.  I was able to pay off my house, all other costs and still had extra for a down payment on my new house (right up the street).  It sounds too good to be true, but that is what happened. Recently, I referred her to my neighbor who had been trying to sell her home for a few months.  Her house was brand new too with no issues but she was having trouble getting people to look at it.  I recommended Stephanie.  Within a few days, there was a for sale sign in her yard.  A couple of weeks later, SOLD!  No kidding, she is awesome!
Alesia Smith 

My family and decided to try to sell our family home on our own for about 2 months before listing it with an agent.   Even though we did our research and posted the house on Zillow and Craigslist, after about a month and 2 Open Houses later, we decided to move this task into the hands of an Experienced Real Estate Agent. Several Real Estate Agents made contact with me with offers to assist, because they saw the house on Zillow.  One of those emails stood out, it was Stephanie’s. Stephanie didn’t come off pushy but asked to reach out to her if I had any questions and then she provided me with the bottom line commission percentages, which I felt was very up front. When talking about her email to my family members we decided to meet with her to discuss the sales process and what she might be able to do for us. She explained the process in detail and did a walk through of the house. She told us that she would prepare a free market analysis so we could get a better idea as to how the house should be priced.  After she left we all knew that she would be our agent. I felt so relieved to have an experienced agent act on our behalf. When we got the market analysis it was clear that we had the house priced too high.  We had the house on the market with Stephanie for less than a month and that made the difference!  Stephanie is extremely hard working and easy to talk to.  She was able to bring in many perspective buyers during her Open House.  Once she became our agent a big weight was lifted off my shoulders. It was good to try to sell on our own for the experience, however to sell the house we needed the marketing skills and expertise of an experienced agent like Stephanie. She made contact with me often, so I was able to provide updates to my family members.  She knew exactly what steps to take and when. Once we turned this task over to her, it took less than a month for it to sell.  It will be nice for the new family to be in the house for the Holidays. Thanks Stephanie.
Susan Schlereth 

Hi Stephanie,
I cannot thank you enough for the helping of our family to find our house. I would also have to say Thank you to Jonathan Marcoline at FBC mortgage for referring us to you. For, it was with great pleasure working with you. Coming from another State and not knowing what the housing market would be like, it was nice to know there was someone who was very knowledgeable about the housing market. You always kept our budget in mind, and only showed us the houses that we could afford. You always showed how much you thought of me and my family. During the whole process you made sure that my 2 children were always involved in the process, and as a mother that means alot to me. You were always available for questions that we might have. Then once we found “the one” you were there to guide us through the negotiation process and everything that goes along with making an offer. you made us feel so comfortable with the home buying process, and always giving us great advice and answers to our questions. You made the whole process of buying a house enjoyable. I feel you went above and beyond what any other Realtor would have done for us. In which we will never forget that. Now, we have been in our new home for almost 2 months and we are LOVING every minute of it. Just know that whenever we need to sell or buy again, you will be the first one we call! And we will definitely recommend you to anyone we know looking to buy or sell in the future.
The Hackney-Fierro Family 

Stephanie is a top notch Realtor that went above and beyond when I worked with her. She made herself available to me whenever I needed to ask a question or had a concern. She made being a first time home buyer a breeze and a very pleasant experience! I would highly recommend her to anyone looking to buy or sell a home!!!
-Jason Lewis

Stephanie has been wonderful to work with (two purchases and one sale) and was very meticulous about the details of all of our contracts, making sure that everything was in order and she knew what we were signing. We also appreciated her honesty and opinions about our concerns. Home buying can be a scary process, so it was comforting to know we had someone we could trust to help us.
-Betsy Pedicone

Stephanie did a great job helping me sell my home!   
-Gary Hoffmann

Stephanie was a pleasure to work with through the entire home buying process. Purchasing your first home can be a rather overwhelming experience but she managed to keep me informed and answer the numerous questions I sent her way. I would recommend Stephanie to anyone in search of purchasing/selling home!!!
Chase Davis 

Stephanie made buying a house for myself and my husband a breeze, especially since we were new homeowners. If you are looking for someone knowledgeable, organized, helpful, and easy to work with Stephanie will be your perfect match.
-Lindsay Sutter

I am happy to have the opportunity to provide a letter of recommendation for Stephanie. Stephanie worked with my wife and I throughout the entire search for our current house in Hampton, and the sale of our house in Richland Township. My wife had gone though the buying process once, but this was the first time either of us sold a home. She gave us valuable information that made us feel educated and comfortable throughout the buying and selling processes. Stephanie always made us feel like her most important client. I can’t imagine a better Agent.
-David Lichina

Stephanie is a great agent to work with and I can’t recommend her enough. My husband and I bought and sold our first home working with Stephanie and we couldn’t have been happier with the process. She was always very informative, proactive and made the processes easy to understand. She not only fulfilled her job as a real estate agent, but went above and beyond what we expected. We couldn’t have been more confident and happy to have bought and sold our first house through Stephanie. I would highly recommend her!
-Kristin Seibert Client, Buyer/Seller

Stephanie  was extremely helpful, insightful, HONEST, and knowledgeable – not only of the northern Pittsburgh area, but also of all aspects of real estate, home inspection, mortgage and closing issues. After unsuccessfully dealing with 4 other buyers’ agents for 7 months, we felt very fortunate to meet Stephanie by chance at an open house. From that moment she was very active and fast in making sure that we were aware of every possible listing that might suit our needs. Within 2 months we found the house we’d been looking for due to her consistent diligence in getting the job done. Stephanie Kerchner is without a doubt one of the best agents in this area.
-Susan & Mark Schurdak

Within the past year I have worked with Stephanie for both the purchase of my current home and the sale of another property. I have bought and sold a home in the past and the process did not go nearly as smooth as it did working with Stephanie. My latest buying and selling experiences overall were very positive.  In my opinion, Stephanie differentiates herself from most other real estate agents I know is by her motivation, responsiveness/access, coordinating skills, and her attention to detail.  She is motivated to establish herself as a successful real estate agent and the rewards that success brings, but without becoming transaction oriented. I purchased my house from sellers whose agent convinced them to drastically reduce the selling price. From my perspective, for the sole purpose of closing the deal and moving on to her other numerous listings or finding a new seller to feed the pipeline. I would not want someone like that selling my home. I believe that Stephanie has her customer’s best interest in mind.  Stephanie was extremely accessible and promptly returned my calls or emails. If she didn’t have the answer she would work to find it. During my time working with her I dealt only with her; daytime, nighttime, weekday and weekend. It didn’t matter. I had confidence that she was available to help me through the process.  There were so many parties involved in the process: agents, inspectors, bankers, closing companies, title companies and utilities. Stephanie went out of her way to see that everything was coordinated with those parties. Nothing fell through the cracks.  To highlight her attention to detail, she discovered an error on my HUD statement after everyone had reviewed it, including me. Although the result was a modest savings, it was something that impressed me a great deal.  Lastly, through the process of purchasing my home, Stephanie experienced the loss of a loved one. Incredibly she continued to work, and made certain that the transaction proceeded and that a colleague was available if need be. I do no know of another person who would have done that, in any business relationship! It speaks volumes not only about Stephanie’s dedication to her profession about her as person. I would tell anyone that if you can find someone that offers more that what Stephanie does as a person and real estate agent, use them!
Paul Rodgers

Stephanie was fantastic to work with this past year when she helped me to buy my first home. As a First time home buyer, I knew nothing about real estate and I was (Justifiably) nervous. Stephanie showed me more than a dozen homes and courteously waited while I wavered between wanting an old Victorian row house in the c i t y one minute, to a suburban single-family home the north hills, and f i n a l l y a townhouse- “then I had f i n a l l y decided to make an offer on a home, she not only advised me on how much to offer, but prepared the offer overnight for me to sign the very next day. Throughout the process, she taught me about the law, my options, and what to expect, and made sure I understood what was happening without inundating me with details Chat I didn’t need (and probably wouldn’t remember).  After being outbid on the first home that I tried to buy, she patiently worked with me to find the townhouse where I now l i v e . Between making the offer and closing, Stephanie stayed in constant contact with me, making sure I was aware of and able to meet the many deadlines. She was with me every step of the way. When the home inspection revealed a few problems, Stephanie took i t upon herself to find a roofer who would come and give me an estimate on Thanksgiving weekend ! ! ! ! , and again, made sure that I didn’t miss any of the deadlines. She even provided me with a l i s t of the u t i l i t y companies that I would have to c a l l , complete with phone numbers. Even after the closing, Stephanie stayed i n touch to make sure that I was settled in OK and that there were no problems. Stephanie was professional throughout, and made it so easy for me, I never once doubted that everything was going to work out.  Although I don’t plan on moving again for a long time, I look forward to working with Stephanie again in the future!
Jennifer Powell

Stephanie was our realtor when I purchased my very first house. I knew nothing about buying a home and everything that goes into it and she guided us thought it all. She made sure that we had a calendar with all the important deadlines so we weren’t at risk of losing our hand money. She even helped set up all the inspection appointments and utilities. She is great at communicating, and responds to emails and phone calls fast, and answered any questions I had thoroughly. I would recommend her to anyone buying or selling a house without a doubt!
-Lori Sheppard

Hi Stephanie,
Everything is going really good actually. We have been busy painting, everything is painted except the kitchen. We actually discovered the room with the fireplace and the two bedrooms are ail hardwood floor. So instead of carpeting the fireplace room we are going to restore the hardwood floor, which we are pretty excited about. If you are ever in the area please give us a call so you can see all the improvements we have made. I also would like to thank you for all of your hard work. You really made buying a house so easy for us, when we knew very little about what we were getting into. I will be sure to tell all of my friends to contact you when they are in the home buying market. And thank you for the gift cards, that was not necessary at all, but is greatly appreciated. Thanks again Stephanie, you were a please to work with!!!
Thank you,
-Lindsay & Zak

Thank you so much for everything you have done for us! We are so happy in our dream home! We celebrated last night with the bottle of champagne you got for us! We couldn’t have done this with out you, seriously we would have been LOST! You were so great to work with and we cant wait to see you at our housewarming party!
-Kim & Jason

Stephanie Thank you so much for all of your help, you are a True Professional!!

As first time home buyers, my husband and I were very happy with Stephanie’s services. She is professional, yet friendly. She was able to meet any and all of our requests with in a reasonable time period. Stephanie showed us numerous homes, getting to know our likes and dislikes quickly. Stephanie made herself very available to us for viewings, meetings, answering questions, phone calls, and emails in a timely manor. We are extremely pleased with her work and would recommend home buyers to contact Stephanie for your home buying needs. In addition, we have friends who have used Stephanie while buying there home and they were very pleased as well.
Meghan T. 

Stephanie was great to work with. She was extremely knowledgeable and kept on top of everything throughout the process. I would highly recommend her and would definitely use her again.
-Donna G

We were recommended to Stephanie by a family member after having communication problems with our first agent. Being a first time home buyer she really helped us understand the process. She was prompt to answer all of the 1000 questions we had, was professional and extremely honest with her suggestions ( which was fantastic when making such a large investment ). She was great to work with and I will definitively recommend her services in the future,…
-Chad & Teri S

We were so happy to work with Stephanie after receiving numerous recommendations from our family and found out that she is not only super smart, meticulous with details, and very hardworking, but that she is a gem of a person who really cares about your family and your concerns as you go through the buying and selling process. She helped us through a huge hurdle when selling our home and we could never thank her enough for her kindness and willingness to do whatever she could to help, we already have recommended her to more family members and will continue to do so!…
-Larry & Christine Pedicone

Stephanie was a pleasure to deal with and went above and beyond to service our needs in the current market. She is a professional and I would recommend her if you are looking to sell and/or buy anytime soon in the Pittsburgh area.
-Derek Lazarri

Stephanie was a pleasure to work with through the entire home buying process. Purchasing your first home can be a rather overwhelming experience but she managed to keep me informed and answer the numerous questions I sent her way. I would recommend Stephanie to anyone in search of purchasing/selling home!!!
-Chase Davis

I was a first time home buyer and didn’t realize how overwhelming buying a house could be. Thank goodness Stephanie was there to help me through the process from beginning to end. She was readily available and kept me well informed throughout the entire process.
-Matt Donner

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